27-1-24 Seahorse Hunting at The Steps and ordinary dive Anchor Reef (Isol ref 2)
20-1-24 Average at Marley Sponge Garden and 17 Donuts at Pizza
13-1-24 No GNS at Magic point and not much at M&K
7-1-24 First Dives for 2024, Down to Port Kembla Martins Wall and Pig Island
23-12-23 Last Dives for 2023, Average Steps, nice 15m at Rack Fall
16-12-23 8 Donuts at Pizza, and JAD (Just A Dive) at Barrens Hut
9-12-23 M&K Reef, Anchor Reef
2-12-23 23 Donuts found at Pizza Reef, not great viz at Barrens Hut
25-11-23 Double Dive Henry Head (Again)
11-11-23 Double Dive Henry Head
4-11-23 Not great at Bombo Wreck and new site Martins Wall
14-10-23 Whale Watch & Leap
23-9-23 Tuggerah & Pizza
16-9-23 No GNS at Magic Point, Drone still hanging around at Whale Watch
10-9-23 Good vis but some whale snot at Marley Sponge Garden, Donuts at Pizza Reef
20-8-23 Short Tail at 4X and Blue Devil at the Leap
12-8-23 Tiger Anemone still at Bypass no PJ's at Whale Watch, but a nice nudi....
5-8-23 Getting colder at M&K Reef and spent some time at the north end of Rock fall.
29-7-23 Getting those hours up on the outboard, Marley Sponge Garden and donut hunting at Pizza
22-7-23 A not so good Steps dive, but managed to find a Pigmy Pipe and some Seahorses within 2m of the anchor.
15-7-23 Donut hunting Barrens Hut and Pizza Reef, more donuts at Pizza now.
8-7-23 First run with new Outboard Motor, Shark Hunting at Magic Point and a Turtle at Whale Watch
25-6-23 No so great on Satara Wreck, more sharks at Big Seal East
24-6-23 More sharks at 7 Mile Beach and Latitude Island
23-6-23 Great dive on the Satara Wreck and some sharks at Big Seal West
17-6-23 Nice Magic again, and dead outboard motor returning from Whale Watch Rock Fall
10-6-23 More Sharks at Magic Point and a nice dive at Whale Watch
3-6-23 Great day on top, not so good on the bottom. Very dark on the Tuggerah and Marley.
27-5-23 Donut Hunting Pizza reef 4 (Internal Flash was down), Barren's 1
20-5-23 Montague Island Seals, 25m Vis, Plenty of Seal action
13-5-23 Shellharbour, missed Coral Reef, Dived Gravel Loader and Hump.
6-5-23 Double at Magic Point, wide angle bonanza.
22-4-23 25m vis at Pizza reef, 20m at Barren's, Donut Hunting.
15-4-23 Tiger Anemone at Bypass, and not a lot at M & K.
7-4-23 Not the greatest at Henry Head and Anchor Reef
1-4-23 Conditions not great, so Osborne shoal was the choice, super macro time.
25-3-23 Been a while for Big Saigon
18-3-23 M & K and Whale Watch, Not great but at least the camera is fine.
11-3-23 Whale Watch and Rock Fall, No photos, faulty camera battery.
4-3-23 Fantastic 20m vis at Whale Watch Platform and Rock Fall
26-1-23 Australia Day Picnic Monument (Shore Dive)
21-1-23 Henry Head & Whale Watch Rockfall
14-1-23 The Steps and Henry Head
31-12-22 M&K reef and Henry Head
24-12-22 Whale Watch Rockfall x 3, lost drop line and light.
3-12-22 Whale Watch Rockfall & The Steps
27-11-22 Magic Point & Henry Head
19-11-22 Monument Wall & Whale Watch Platform
12-11-22 Henry Head & Anchor Reef (Bare Island Isolated Reef 2)
5-11-22 Undola Wreck & Marley Sponge Garden
27-10-22 Beqa Lagoon Fiji Cathedral Rock x 2 Shark action.
26-10-22 Beqa Lagoon Fiji Pearl Rock & Yes Malabi
25-10-22 Beqa Lagoon Fiji Sea Fan reef & Secret Garden
24-10-22 Beqa Lagoon Fiji Carpet Cove Wreck & Circus Circus
23-10-22 Beqa Lagoon Fiji Pearl Rock & Carpet Cove
17-9-22 Bypass Reef and Whale Watch (again)
10-9-22 Bypass Reef and Whale Watch
27-8-22 Great vis at Whale Watch with a Turtle and Blue devil, average at Henry Head
15-8-22 Gold Coast Wonder Reef with Giant Groper, interesting, 2nd dive on Scottish Prince Wreck.
13-8-22 Very average Magic Point, but great vis at Whale Watch.
6-8-22 Club dive to the Balcony and follow up dive at Barrens. Auto focus not working first dive.
16-7-22 Magic Point, camera flooded due to water sensor wire. No photos......
25-6-22 Looking for clear water at Marley Sponge Gardens and Barrens Hut, found Donuts.
4-6-22 Great Vis at Rockfall and the Leap, tiny painted Lobsters still there.
28-5-22 Club dive to Pizza Reef, strong current ended up at Voodoo. Then Barrens, 3 donuts.
21-5-22 Long dive at the steps and Henry Head, no photos of the steps. Angler at Henry Head.
14-5-22 Fantastic Bypass Reef, and ok M&K, big Wobby's
7-5-22 Great 2 dives at Marley and Barren's, Donuts everywhere
30-4-22 Shrimp on a Brick Star at M&K reef and a nice Rock Fall dive. Vis is getting better
23-4-22 2 attempts and finally got a dive in at Osborne Shoal
16-4-22 JAD Henry Head on High Tide, 2m, Better at Magic point.
27-3-22 Another double at magic Point, 10 GNS, 23 and 8-10m Vis. nice dive
26-2-22 Wide angle today at Magic Point 11 GNS Double Dive.
19-2-22 First dive with a DSLR, mixed results at The Steps and Monument.
29-1-22 Dam cold on the bottom at Henry Head 15, but a few spiders found.
30-12-21 25m Vis, 24 and 5 GNS at magic Point, spiders at Pistol Point
18-12-21 Nice at Big Saigon and flat camera battery for Henry Head.
4-12-21 In search of Sea Horses double at Leap and Steps
23-10-21 Pretty good M&K and more spiders at Henry Head
3-7-21 In Search of Red Indian Fish at Henry Head and Anchor Reef.
26-6-21 A little bit deeper at Bypass reef for a Short Tail & spiders and more spiders at Whale Watch
14-6-21 Single Dive only at Whale Watch Platform
6-6-21 What's better than a dive at magic point a Double Dive at Magic Point
22-5-21 Sharks at Magic Point and Just a dive at M&K reef
1-5-21 Deep Wreck on Tuggerah and left over air searching for Donuts at Barren's
24-4-21 Donut Hunting at Barren's Hut and and Average Osborne Shoals
17-4-21 Whale Watch and M&K reef
13-3-21 M & K Reef, Henry Head
27-2-21 First deep dive of the year, Tuggerah Great dive, and finish up the twins at Marley Sponge Garden.
20-2-21 Spectacular Bypass Reef and average Henry Head.
14-2-21 Not great vis, at The Steps and Anchor Reef.
11-2-21 Rare mid week dive at Barrens, and lots of Donuts.
30-1-21 Henry Head with spiders, and an old Favourite Anchor Reef with Red Indians
23-1-21 Whale Watch Blue Devil and Fiddler, and The Steps more Sea horse action.
9-1-21 Double Dive The Steps, average vis, nice Anglers, Sea Horses and Pygmy's
2-1-21 First dive of 2021 starts with a cracker, 30m vis and 22 at Magic Point. 3 GNS
31-12-20 Fantastic vis at Barren's 25m and Osborne
27-12-20 Great Magic Point 3 GNS and a Turtle, Pistol Point but average at Henry Head
20-12-20 Great vis at Osborne and Barren's 25m and warm water at 20°
12-12-20 Steps & Monument from the boat. Always nice dives
5-12-20 Egg Cowrie gone from M&K and Red Indian Fish at Henry Head
28-11-20 Colourful Pig Island and very pregnant Pipe horse at Pinnacle
21-11-20 Leap & Steps from the Boat. Cuttles, Seahorses and Angler fish
14-11-20 Donut on a Scorpion Fish at Marley Sponge, and a few at Barren's
24-10-20 PJ's Verco's and Red Indian Fish at Henry Head
10-10-20 Lots of Wobby's at Magic Point, no GNS. Egg Cowrie at M&K
3-10-20 PJ's gone from Whale Watch, and Seahorses and spiders at Henry Head
19-9-20 Not a lot of Donuts at Barrens, But a nice spiral thingy on a Coral tree
12-9-20 Vis up to 10m at Big Saigon and lots of PJ's at Whale Watch
5-9-20 Conditions improving, but still cold at Bypass Reef and Whale Watch
29-8-20 Not great vis at Leap & Steps But some Okinia's Sea Horses
15-8-20 Nice Dives not many photos, at Marley Sponge Garden and Barren's Hut.
8-8-20 Average diving conditions, the Leap, and 1.5m vis at the Monument. Cold.......
1-8-20 Egg Cowrie still at M&K and Samll Cuttlefish & PJ's Bypass Reef
25-7-20 Great vis, 15m on the Tuggerah, big Wobby's and two Donuts at Barren's
11-7-20 Cling Fish, Blue devil and Hydroids at M&K and Whale Watch Rockfall.
27-6-20 JAD.... Disappointing Steps
20-6-20 Lot of Fog around, great vis with a Shovel Nose at Whale Watch and  PJ's at Bypass.
13-6-20 Tuggerah Wreck is always nice. And a couple of Donuts at Barren's
6-6-20 Egg Cowry still around @ M&K with Cuttlefish, Blue Devil. Occy at the Steps
30-5-20 Still nice Sponges at Marley, one Donut at Barren's and the Gurnard is still there.
16-5-20 Nice white Cowrie at M&K reef and a very ordinary dive at the steps
9-5-20 Long time between drinks at bare Island Deep Wall, and still warm at Henry Head
26-4-20 15m Vis and 20° top to bottom on the Undola Wreck, and a cruzy dive near the Balcony.
25-4-20 Great vis at Marley Sponge Garden and Donuts galore at Barren's.
18-4-20 Leap & Steps. Only a Weedy and a Seahorse.
11-4-20 Double Dive at Barrens Dount hunting.
10-4-20 20+m vis at Pistol Point, with Pygmy Pipe Horse, and Pipe fish at Rockfall
5-4-20 Conditions getting good, 15m vis at Marley Sponge Gardens, and lots of Donuts at Barrens
28-3-20 Just a dive at Big Saigon, and a Lion Fish at Bypass
21-3-20 Average conditions, but nice dive at M&K and Whale Watch
29-2-20 Conditions not so good at Pistol point and Whale Watch Rockfall
1-2-20 Sea Spiders and Pipe Fish at Henry head for a double dive
27-1-20 Big Plurobranchs? at the Leap and Angler fish at The Steps
4-1-20 Club Dive to Pizza Reef, vis crap 1-2m, 2nd dive Barren's 4m
2-1-20 Double Dive Barren's Hut looking for Donuts....
28-12-19 Last Dive of the year. Same as last week, this time the Angler at M&K
21-12-19 Nice dive at M&K Reef & we find a Angler Fish at Henry Head.
7-12-19 Great vis. at Barrens, 13 Donuts and an average Maccas Reef
23-11-19 Been a long time for Bypass Reef and great dive at Whale Watch
16-11-19 Sloppy Barrens Hut and average 6 Fathom but water is warm
9-11-19 Crappy weather took us to Leap & Steps, macro dives.
2-11-19 Cold Water for a double dive at Henry Head.
19-10-19 Conditions not great at Big Saigon and Henry Head.
14-9-19 Almost 5 years later we dive 6 Fathom Reef, nice dive.
24-8-19 Great vis at Whale Watch Rockfall with PJ's and Pygmy Pipes
17-8-19 To sloppy outside, so Steps & Leap it is....
3-8-19 Not Great conditions, but M&K Reef and The steps were ok
27-7-19 Very sloppy seas, Marley Sponge Garden, and no 2nd dive
20-7-19 Lots of Current, so ended up at Osborne, 2nd dive at Barren's still current
6-7-19 Great 20m+vis at Pig Island, and 2m at Bombo
15-6-19 PJ's at Bypass and some nice critters at Whale Watch
8-6-19 Just a dive at Whale Watch, and Red Indians and Sea Spider at Henry Head
25-5-19 Moray Eel at Marley Sponge Garden & another/same Sea Flea at Barrens Hut
18-5-19 Bypass Reef & Pistol Point
4-5-19 A nice M&K Reef and Golf Tee with Pete's 3000th dive.
28-4-19 Moorish Idols at Rock Fall, and Box Fish at The Leap
20-4-19 Anemone on a Whip at Big Saigon, and all the usual critters at Whale Watch
13-4-19 A very nice dive on the Tuggerah Wreck and some Moorish Idols at the Balcony
7-4-19 Great dive at Pistol Point and Turtle and Grey Nurse at Rockfall
23-3-19 25m Vis with Squid at Marley and Coral banded Shrimp at Barrens
9-3-19 Conditions not great but always somewhere to dive The Steps Pygmy Pipe Horse
2-3-19 Warm water 25 at Whale Watch with Pygmy Cowfish, and upside down Pipefish.
16-2-19 Great dive on the Undola Wreck followed by Marley Sponge Garden
9-2-19 15m vis at Marley Sponge and a Sea Flea at Barrens
26-1-19 Great vis at Big Saigon and M & K Reef (New Nudi)
19-1-19 Cold and dark, but 15m vis at Bypass Reef, and The Leap
12-1-19 Complete turnaround with 20 and 20m at M&K Reef and Pistol Point
5-1-19 Still cold at 16 and 5m vis Marley Sponge and Pizza Reef
3-1-19 Still not good 5m vis and cold at M&K Reef & Pistol Point
27-12-18 Cold and not so good vis at Henry Head x 2
1-12-18 Warm water 19 and nice vis at Big Saigon & Whale Watch
27-10-18 Average dive at Pistol point and Sun Fish at Henry head
20-10-18 Nice vis but cold 13° as Henry Head. With Sea Spiders
29-9-18 Whales and Seals at Port Kembla. Pinnacle and Martins Islet.
22-9-18 Nice Dive on the Tug, and cold at Marley Sponge Garden
15-9-18 Great vis at both barrens & Pizza, lots of Donut Nembrothas
9-9-18 Nice dive at Bypass Reef with some Weedy's and still cold at M&K
1-9-18 Nice dive at Big Saigon and a Turtle at Whale Watch and Still cold 15-16
25-8-18 10m at Henry Head large anchor. 20m at M & K. Still cold 15-16
11-8-18 More Sea Spiders at Henry Head and Sea Dragons. 15m vis 16
7-7-18 Sea spider at Pistol Point and giant Bull Ray at Whale Watch 10m vis 17.
30-6-18 Missed the Tuggerah. again. But a nice dive at the Balcony.
23-6-18 Nice dive, chair from Katz, and Coral Banded Shrimp at Wale Watch Rockfall
16-6-18 Double dive The balcony, lots of fish.
9-6-18 A month without a dive. Still warm water at M&K and Pistol Point.
5-5-18 Undola Wreck with dry suit & twin 7l tanks, finish with a dive at Marley Sponge
21-4-18 Tuggerah Wreck with twin 7l tanks, and a nice Nembrotha Garden
15-4-18 Windy, managed Marley Sponge Garden and a playful Cuttlefish at Marley Rockfall
14-4-18 Nice dive at Bypass Reef and nice sponges at Henry Head
7-4-18 Great conditions for a Tuggerah Wreck, and a nice Pizza Reef
31-3-18 Red Gilled Nembrotha at Marley Sponge Garden & nice dive at Osborne Shoals
24-3-18 Nice Big Saigon and Walking spider at M&K
17-3-18 Just a dive at M&K and huge bottom surge at 4X
10-3-18 Bottom surge at Pizza Reef and 3 Nembrothas at Nembrotha Garden
3-3-18 Nice dives at Big Saigon and Hilda Wreck, although water and camera don't mix.
21-2-18 New wreck for me HMNZS Canterbury and no photo of Great White Waiwiri Bay
10-2-18 Great dives at Marley Sponge Garden and Barren's Hut
4-2-18 Big temp change 23 at Rockfall and The Leap.
27-1-18 Still cool 17° with Pipefish at Rockfall and cold 15 at M&K reef
13-1-18 Cool 17° at Pistol Point with Coral Banded Shrimp & Pipefish at Rockfall.
6-1-18 Still great and warm at Pistol Point & Whale Watch
4-1-18 Great Conditions at the Leap and M & K Reef
23-12-17 Nice and warm at M & K and Whale Watch Rockfall
16-12-17 Fantastic 20m vis at Marley Sponge Garden & 12-15m at Barren's
10-12-17 Great conditions at Big Saigon & Pistol Point (Free Swimming Sea Spider)
26-11-17 Ordinary Whale Watch and even worse Bypass Reef (Not worth logging)
11-11-17 Interesting North Artificial Reef, and a disappointing Marley Sponge Garden
28-10-17 Great 2 dives on The Bombo and Pinnacle
21-10-17 Easy diving at The Leap & Steps
30-9-17 Nice dive at Whale Watch Rockfall, unusual transparent sea star maybe?
23-9-17 12 months since Magic Point and still no GNS, and a nice dive at Bypass.
16-9-17 Still not great at Pistol Point, 1.5m and only 7 at 4 X
2-9-17 Average dive at Pistol Point but Spectacular 30m+ vis at Whale Watch Platform
26-8-17 Great viz at M & K Reef with Pygmy Pipe Horse and Whale Watch Rock-fall
12-8-17 Dark and Deep on the Undola and more Donut Nebrotha's at Barrens Hut/Split
5-8-17 A couple of nice dives at Big Saigon & Whale Watch Platform
29-7-17 Marley Sponge Gardens and Donut Nebrotha's at Barrens Hut/Split
15-7-17 Great Vis 20-25m at Marley Sponge Gardens and Barrens Hut/Split
8-7-17 Just nice dives at Big Saigon & 4X
24-6-17 Anchor rope incident and a couple of good dives, Bomb & Pinnacle
17-6-17 Great Vis at Pizza Reef, and Nice dive at Osborne Shoals.
27-5-17 Only 1 Coral Banded Shrimp at Pistol Point and a great dive at Big Saigon
13-5-17 Great dives at Bypass Reef and Pistol Point with Coral banded Shrimp
6-5-17 A nice 8m vis at Marley Sponge Garden, and 3-5m at Barren's, some nice Cuttles
29-4-17 Club Dive to Pizza Reef, 10m Vis, and 20m at Barren's
16-4-17 Further North HMAS Brisbane, not so great
9-4-17 A trip north to South West Rocks, and 2 great dives
1-4-17 Finally a break in the weather, Bypass reef & 4 X, not so great but we got wet.
11-2-17 Couple of nice dives at Port Kembla, Bombo Wreck & Pig Island
4-2-17 Missed the Tuggerah Wreck, but great dive at Barren's Hut
28-1-17 2 fantastic dives with 20+m vis at Bypass Reef and Whale Watch Platform
14-1-17 First dive for 2017 at Pistol Point and Whale Watch Rockfall
3-12-16 20/20 Dives at Whale Watch Rock Fall & Pistol Point
26-11-16 Finally dived Bypass and another dive at 4X
20-11-16 Club Picnic Day with a dive to Whale Watch Rock Fall
13-11-16 Cold at Pistol Point and even colder at 4 X
5-11-16 A nice Pygmy Pipe Horse at Whale Watch and cold at The Steps
9-10-16 Nice dive on the Tuggerah, and not so nice at Middle Ground
2-10-16 No GNS at Magic point, lots of jellies at Minmi Trench
25-9-16 Great sea conditions with Undola at its best and 5 Donut Nembrothas at the Split.
17-9-16 Lots of crap in the water but nice dives at Marley Sponge Garden and Pizza Reef
11-9-16 Average Vis and Cold at Pistol Point and Whale Watch Rockfall
28-8-16 Great vis at The Nose 20m, and more Donut Nembrothas at the Split.
20-8-16 New dive location Tabbagai South & good old Whale Watch
17-8-16 Mid week at Big Saigon & Cape Banks Caverns
13-8-16 Big seas prevent the Tuggerah, but a nice Donut Nembrotha at the Split
6-8-16 A nice Sea Horse at the Leap and a Turtle at the Steps
30-7-16 club dive to Marley Sponge Garden & 2nd dive Middle Ground
10-7-16 Conditions not great but we get a dive in at 4X
2-7-16 Great visibility 25m, at Pistol Point & Whale Watch Rock fall
18-6-16 Dark and cold on the Undola, and a little brighter at Pizza Reef
13-6-16 M & K Reef at its worst. 0.5m vis.
21-5-16 Not great at Middle Ground, and large bottom surge at Osborne Shoals
14-5-16 Great conditions for Yellow Rock, and a new site The Block....
7-5-16 Really nice conditions at Port Kembla, Bombo & Martins Island.
30-4-16 Great dive at Marley Sponge Garden and an attempt at Tulip Reef, nice dive
25-4-16 Nice dive at Pistol Point and a Sea Spider at 4X (Peters photo)
24-4-16 The Steps (by boat) Nice nudi and Seahorse
16-4-16 Large old Cuttlefish at Mary's Reef, and Giant Wobbegong at Pizza Reef
9-4-16 25m Vis at Bypass Reef, 20m at Big Saigon and still no Katz
2-4-16 Vis getting better, 8m at M & K Reef, and strong current at Big Saigon
26-3-16 Not great at Mary's reef and crap vis at Barren's.
25-3-16 Pistol Point and Whale Watch Rockfall, average conditions
12-3-16 Search & Recovery of Katz. Did not find it, no photos.
5-3-16 2 GNS and 3 Wobbegongs at Magic Point and a nice dive at M&K Reef
28-2-16 Very dark Bombo Wreck 1m vis and the old Camera still there at the Pinnacle
13-2-16 Undola Wreck and a new site The Nose
7-2-16 Nice dive on the Hilda and ordinary Steps
30-1-16 Cold water on the Tuggerah Wreck, and Pineapple fish at Barrens Hut
27-1-16 Nice dives at Marys Reef & Pizza Reef.
23-1-16 Cold at Pistol Point and Red Gilled Nembrotha at The Steps
17-1-16 Nice vis at M&K and a new site Cup & Saucer
2-1-16 First Dives of 2016, Sea Horse at Bypass Reef & Weedy's at Whale Watch
31-12-15 Last dives of 2015 we dive Pistol Point and Bypass Reef.
29-12-15 Finally found the Seahorse on the Tuggerah Wreck and nice dive at Osborne Shoals
23-12-15 20m Vis on Tuggerah Wreck and 6 Fathom Reef
19-12-15 Nice dives at last at Port Kembla, Pig Island and Pinnacle.
12-12-15 Low Vis at the Leap, and no vis at Bypass and huge surge
5-12-15 Nice couple of dives at M&K and 4X
28-11-15 2m Vis, very dark, should have stayed in bed, Barren's Hut and Middle Ground
21-11-15 Some average sea conditions took us the The Leap & Steps
14-11-15 No GNS, warm water and 20m Vis at Magic Point and Cold at Whale Watch
7-11-15 Cold water on the Bombo & Pinnacle.
31-10-15 An average Minmi Trench but a nice Whale Watch Platform.
24-10-15 No GNS at Magic point and average diving Pistol Point
17-10-15 No deep Keeloe, but some nice dives at the Leap & Whale Watch
10-10-15 Club Boat dive Barren's Hut & Pizza Reef
3-10-15 2 Great dives Pistol Point & Whale Watch Rockfall
19-9-15 To sloppy for club dive to Hilda, double dive The Steps.
12-9-15 Almost a night dive on the Bombo Wreck and The Pinnacle
5-9-15 Club Deep Dive Tuggerah Wreck, and Osborn Shoals
29-8-15 6 GNS at Magic point and an ordinary M & K Reef
22-8-15 2 Great dives Barren's Hut & Pizza Reef
15-8-15 2 Great dives Bypass, M&K Reef, 15m vis.
8-8-15 Average at best The Leap & The Steps
1-8-15 No Bypass, but nice Whale Watch Platform and Rock fall
25-7-15 Great viz, 15m, at Whale Watch Rock fall, and 10m and Weedys at Henry Head
11-7-15 Good viz at Pistol point and 4X
4-7-15 7 GNS at Magic Point and a Blue Devil at Pistol Point.
27-6-15 12m Vis on Bombo and a 2m at the Pinnacle after a wheel bearing collapsed.
21-6-15 15m Vis on Bombo and a nice dive at the Pinnacle
13-6-15 Great vis, 20m Bypass & Whale Watch after a month off
9-5-15 More Cuttlefish at Pistol point and a different Noname Reef
25-4-15 Average Pistol point but nice Fiddler ray at 4X
11-4-15 13 GNS at Magic Point, and a nice Pistol Point
6-4-15 The Pinnacle with  25m vis and Wobbegongs on Bombo wreck
28-3-15 A great Tuggerah Wreck 25m vis and a nice Barrens Hut
14-3-15 Average Osborne but great Barrens Hut
7-3-15 Bypass Reef & The Steps. Should have stayed in bed.
28-2-15 Fantastic vis at Shellharbour the Hump & Arch
21-2-15 New Dive Site Pistol Point, and Whale Watch Rockfall
14-2-15 Bombo Wreck and Pig Island (Ordinary dive)
7-2-15 Warm 23 nice dives at M&K and Whale Watch Rockfall
24-1-15 Still cold water at Minmi Trench and Henry Head Sponge Garden
17-1-15 Average Marley Point and Barren's Hut
10-1-15 Very cold Hilda Wreck and Henry Head 14
3-1-15 First dives for 2015, Magic Point, Malabar wreck (no Photos), M&K Reef
27-12-14 Bypass Reef and a cold Kurnell Deep Wall (The Leap)
20-12-14 Great pair of dives, Bypass Reef and Whale Watch Platform
6-12-14 An average Tupia Point and 2 Seahorses at Bypass Reef
29-11-14 A great Magic Point (4 GNS) and M & K Reef
22-11-14 Very nice Minmi Trench, and not so good Bare Island deep Wall
15-11-14 20-25m At barren's Hut and average Osborne Shoals
8-11-14 Great Bypass Reef and very ordinary Whale Watch Platform
25-10-14 My 1000th dive and on the Tuggerah Wreck, and an ordinary Osborne Shoals
12-10-14 St George Scuba Club Picnic Day and 2 great dives at Whale Watch Platform
4-10-14 4 GNS at Magic Point and a Weedy at M & K Reef
27-9-14 Nice Pinnacle and spectacular Bombo wreck.
20-9-14 Great diving M&K Reef despite the weather and a nice Leap (Deep Channel)
23-8-14 Nice dives at M&K Reef and The leap
16-8-14 Average diving and cold at Minmi trench and The Steps
9-8-14 A Foggy start to a great dive at Magic Point, and a big surge at Bypass reef.
26-7-14 Fantastic Tuggerah wreck (Finally) and a Brilliant Marley Point.
12-7-14 Great vis at Bypass Reef & Whale Watch.
5-7-14 Missed Tuggerah again, but a fantastic Marley Point.
21-6-14 14 GNS at Magic Point and 2 Seahorses at Bypass reef.
14-6-14 Tuggerah Wreck (Not) and a dark and gloomy Undola.
7-6-14 Just a dive at Kurnell Deep Wall
31-5-14 Blue Devils at M & K, and some macro at Kurnell Deep Wall
24-5-14 Short dive on the Tuggerah wreck and Osborne Shoals
17-5-14 More great visibility at Middle Ground and Barren's Hut
10-5-14 30+ visibility on the way down to Wanderers, 5 on bottom, 20+ at Osborne Shoals
3-5-14 Incredible 20+ meter visibility at Bypass Reef and Whale Watch Platform
17-4-14 Double dive on Ex HMAS Brisbane
5-4-14 Nice M&K Reef, and ordinary Steps/Leap
22-3-14 A three dive day, M&K Reef, Pistol Crack and Whale Watch
15-3-14 Great Viz on Undola Wreck and an ordinary Osborne Shoals
8-3-14 Great Viz on Tuggerah Wreck and Marley Point
1-3-14 Great Magic Point and Henry Head
22-2-14 No visibility at Henry Head and 15m at the Leap
15-2-14 Great dives With Seahorses at Bypass Reef & Mosaic Eels at Minmi Trench
8-2-14 Ordinary Marley Point and interesting story at Barren's Hut.
1-2-14 Ok Leap, and great vis on Whale Watch Platform
25-1-14 Still cold, great vis, double dive Bombo Wreck
18-1-14 Cold Minmi Trench and Henry Head
11-1-14 First dives for 2014, and vis not great at Pinnacle and Pig Island
28-12-13 Not great vis but nice dives Bypass Reef & Whale Watch Rock Fall
21-12-13 A great couple of dives Leap & Steps (From the boat)
14-12-13 Spectacular Bombo and an Ordinary Martins Islet
7-12-13 3 Dives, Ordinary Barren's Hut & Osborne and OK Shiprock.
30-11-13 As single boat dive, Leap to Steps.
23-11-13 Very cold Minmi but great vis, and still cold Whale Watch Rock Fall.
16-11-13 A nice Magic Point dive with 7 GNS and an ordinary Whale Watch Platform
9-11-13 Still great Vis at Bypass Reef, and we give the scooters a run
2-11-13 No photos but Great Vis at Bypass Reef, and 6 GNS at Magic Point
26-10-13 Poor vis, but JAD (Just Another Dive) at Osborne and Pizza Reef
6-10-13 A great 2 dives at Fish Rock
29-9-13 We re-find Pistol Crack and a new site Whale Watch Rock Fall
28-9-13 Club Boat dive to Barren's Hut and a 2nd dive at Marley Point
21-9-13 Club Boat dive to Kelloe Cancelled so we dive Whale Watch and 4X
14-9-13 Club Boat dive to Xanadu, and a second dive at Osborne Shoals
7-9-13 Great conditions but poor vis at Tuggerah Wreck and Rudy's 900th at Marley point
31-8-13 Great vis at Pistol Crack and walls of fish at Tupia Point
17-8-13 My 900th dive on Bombo wreck and a very fishy Pig Island
10-8-13 25+ Vis at the Wanderers and Some PJ's at Osborne Shoals
3-8-13 10 GNS at Magic Point and great vis at M&K Reef
27-7-13 A new dive site 4X, and an old favourite, Whale Watch Platform
20-7-13 Club dive with Zorka, Shane and Rudy, Spectacular Marley Point & Barren's Hut
13-7-13 Great conditions for a triple dive, Barren's Hut, Osborne Shoals & Shiprock
6-7-13 Strong current on Undola and 25m+ vis at Marley point
22-6-13 We play with Apollo AV-1 scooter at Kurnell (no Photos)
1-6-13 We head to Port Kembla, Wild at the Pinnacle & Solo Pig Island
25-5-13 Great Vis at Henry Head and ordinary Bare Island Deep Wall
18-5-13 Blue Devils at M&K Reef & Grey Nurse at Whale Watch Platform
11-5-13 Club Boat dive & Picnic, Bypass Reef
4-5-13 A new dive site Cuttle Point 150m From Magic Point Sharks
27-4-13 20m vis on Kelloe Wreck, and 12 GNS at Magic Point.
26-4-13 Great vis on Bypass Reef & Whale Watch Platform
3-4-13 St Thomas US Virgin Islands, Sprat Reef and Navy Barges
2-4-13 Shore dive Puerto Rico (San Juan) Figure 8 reef & Cave
23-3-13 15-20m vis Club Boat Dive Osborne Shoals, and Barren's Hut
18-3-13 Bare Island after work Dive
16-3-13 Barren's hut, a very clear & surgy Osborne Shoals, Shiprock
9-3-13 A dirty and cold Pinnacle and warm Pig Island
16-2-13 A very Magic Magic Point, and a cold M & K Reef
9-2-13 Windy & rough, but a nice Whale Watch and ordinary Bare Island
26-1-13 Great Viz at Bypass Reef & Whale Watch Platform
19-1-13 Double dive Leap & Steps
12-1-13 Barren's Hut and a ordinary 6 Fathom Reef
5-1-13 A great start to 2013 Tuggerah Wreck & Osborne Shoals
29-12-12 we head to Port Kembla, the Pinnacle & Pig Island
28-12-12 More great Vis Bare Island East.
27-12-12 Great Vis and a lost fin at Bare Island Deep Wall.
24-12-12 What is this Shore Diving stuff. Early Morning Shiprock.
22-12-12 Vist the Sea Horses at Bypass and 2nd dive Whale Watch.
15-12-12 Double Dive at Midway Reef
8-12-12 Xanadu Reef and a missed Hilda Wreck
1-12-12 Great dive on Bypass reef and nice M&K Reef
24-11-12 New Dive site the Pinnacle PK, and Bombo Wreck
17-11-12 Club boat dive Pizza Reef & Barren's Hut
10-11-12 Very green Pig Island and Bombo Wreck
4-11-12 Minmi Trench, Whale Watch & Leap (Club Picnic Day).
27-10-12 Minmi Trench & Steps to Leap after rescuing 5 divers.
20-10-12 Interesting dive, Undola and a nice Barren's Hut
6-10-12 Nice dives at Bypass Reef and Whale Watch Platform
22-9-12 Finally a dive on Tuggerah, and a nice dive at Barren's Hut
15-9-12 Bypass Reef & Kurnell
8-9-12 M&K Reef & Whale Watch Platform
1-9-12 Kurnell Deep Channel, Anchor Reef
25-8-12 Great diving M&K, Tupia and Whale Watch
18-8-12 Windy and flat on Bombo and Toothbrush Island
4-8-12 We visit Magic Point and Bypass Reef
28-7-12 Nice Barren's Hut (Split) and ordinary 6 Fathom Reef
21-7-12 800th Dive at the Steps (By boat) and Solo Monument Wall Kurnell
14-7-12 Great conditions on the Bombo Wreck and Pig Island
7-7-12 Club dive cancelled and Wow Double at Osborne
30-6-12 No viz Xanadu, ok Osborne and Whale Watch Platform
23-6-12 Nice dive Tabbagai point and solo Whale Watch Platform
16-6-12 What Vis at Tupia Point and 3m at Whale Watch Platform
2-6-12 Annie M Miller Wreck & Magic Point
26-5-12 Club dive Whale Watch Platform & Cape Banks
19-5-12 Undola Wreck & Wottomolla Point
12-5-12 Club Dive to Barren's Hut and Marley Point
28-4-12 Club Dive to Marley Point and Barren's Hut
21-4-12 A rough Tuggerah Wreck (Rudy's 800th) and Osborne Shoals
20-4-12 Bypass Reef and Bare Island Deep Wall
19-4-12 Low tide and low vis at Shiprock
11-4-12 Just a dive at the Runway but fantastic Coral Gardens (Cook Islands)
8-4-12 Incredible 35m vis Tupapa & Harbour Masters Crack. (Cook Islands)
31-3-12 Great vis, and no photos Wottamolla, Camera ok at Marley Point.
24-3-12 Bypass reef & Whale Watch Platform.
21-3-12 Nice dive at Bare Island before club meeting.
17-3-12 Great Vis on Ex HMAS Adelaide, and Ok at Fifshire Reef
10-3-12 Not so clean Pig Island
3-3-12 Dirty Middle Ground
26-2-12 Club Picnic Dive at Frenchman's Bay, cold 16 Minmi Trench x 2
18-2-12 Club Dive very cold Wedding Cake Island & Magic Point
15-2-12 Not so good vis at Bare Island
11-2-12 Double Dive MK Reef
28-1-12 Average Diving Pizza Reef and Osborne Shoals
18-1-12 Mid week before club meeting Bare Island
14-1-12 Great Vis Club dive Pizza Reef, then Barren's hut and Shiprock
11-1-12 First dive of the year at Bare Island
31-12-11 Average Barren's hut and a great Osborne Shoals (No photos)
30-12-11 Ken and myself visit Henry Head and Kurnell Deep wall (No photos)
24-12-11 Great conditions at Barren's hut and Osborne Shoals
21-12-11 Afternoon dive before club meeting with James
17-12-11 Just a dive at Middle Ground and better at Osborne Shoals
10-12-11 Nice vis at Minmi trench and Henry Head
03-12-11 Club Deep dive Tuggerah Wreck, 2nd dive Barren's Hut
26-11-11 Fantastic visibility at Henry Head for 2 dives.
19-11-11 Ken Ridley discovers Pig Island, with 25+m Vis. Seals and Bombo
16-11-11 Another Bare Island dive before the club meeting.
12-11-11 Great vis on the Tuggerah and Middle Ground.
5-11-11 Still no sharks at Magic Point and 1m vis at Kurnell.
29-10-11 No sharks at Magic Point, Malabar Wreck and Henry Head.
22-10-11 Great vis at Birchgrove Park and Valiant wrecks.
19-10-11 Last minute shore dive, Bare island with cuttle fish.
15-10-11 Middle Ground at its best, a new site (sort of) and Shiprock
8-10-11 Whale Watch Platform and Cape Banks Caverns (No photos)
7-10-11 Tuggerah Wreck
24-9-11 Samoa, Apolima Gardens and Buck's hole
3-9-11 Kelloe Wreck and 13 GNS at Magic Point
27-8-11 Tuggerah Wreck, Osborne Shoals.
13-8-11 Bombo Wreck, Seals at Martins and Pig Island.
7-10-11 Whale Watch Platform and Cape Banks Caverns
8-10-11 Tuggerah Wreck
24-9-11 Samoa, Aploima Gardens and Buck's Hole
3-9-11 Kelloe wreck and Magic Point
27-8-11 Tuggerah wreck and Osborne Shoals
13-8-11 Bombo wreck and Seals and Pig island.
6-8-11 Tuggerah wreck and whale watch platform
30-7-11 Shiprock, Barren's and Undola wreck
16-7-11 Bombo wreck and seals at Port Kembla
9-7-11 Wild and Windy Kurnell
2-7-11 Great Vis on Tuggerah Wreck and Dancing with a cuttle at Barren's Hut
18-6-11 7 GNS at magic Point with low vis, and Kurnell
4-6-11 Average dive at Middle ground followed by Shiprock
21-5-11 Better weather for the Tuggerah, Barren's and Shiprock
14-5-11 Couple of nice dives at Kurnell
7-5-11 A dark experience on HMAS Adelaide
30-4-11 An average dive at the Steps.
22-4-11 Great start to Easter at Port Kembla, Pig Island and Bombo Wreck
16-4-11 Wild wind and seas, so we stay inside Botany Bay, Kurnell
9-4-11 Blue water ascent at the Kelloe, and 6 GNS at Magic Point
2-4-11 Rough seas, so we dive Shiprock and Bass & Flinders
19-3-11 Not so good diving Anchor Reef and Henry Head south
12-3-11 Undola Wreck followed by Barren's Hut
5-3-11 Rough Seas takes us to Kurnell.
26-2-11 More Great vis at Birchgrove Park and not so good at Pinnacles
19-2-11 Great vis at Magic Point, Malabar Wreck and MK Deep
5-2-11 Rudy's 700th Dive at Whale Watch Platform & Yenna Point
29-1-11 Tuggerah Wreck & Marley Point
26-1-11 Port Kembla, Bombo Wreck, Pig Island and Martins
19-1-11 Mid week with strong current at Bare Island.
15-1-11 We head to Barren's Hut, and 6 Fathom, and I solo Shiprock
12-1-11 Mid week at Bare Island
8-1-11 We dive MK Deep, Malabar Wreck and Cape Banks
1-1-11 Bombo Wreck and Pig Island
28-12-10 Magic Point with 4 GNS and Whale Watch Platform
27-12-10 Bombo Wreck and Martins Islet
18-12-10 Tuggerah Wreck, Whale Watch and new Tabbagai Point
12-12-10 We head North to the Birchgrove Park Wreck
4-12-10 We look for the seals again, not found. Toothbrush and Bombo.
27-11-10 Pig Island and a frolic with Seals at Martins Islet
25-11-10 Windy and Murky Bare Island Deep Wall
13-11-10 Cold on the Undola and Osborne
11-11-10 Mid week at Bare Island
6-11-10 25m Vis at Pig Island and Bombo Wreck
30-10-10 Afternoon dives, Henry Head and Bare Island Deep Wall
23-10-10 Two new sites TSS Hall Caine and Midway Reef
9-10-10 Tuggerah wreck and conditions deteriorate.
25-9-10 We miss the Tuggerah and Dive Osborne Shoals
18-9-10 Big Seas and we dive Barren's Hut and Middle Ground
18-9-10 Big Seas and we dive Barren's Hut and Middle Ground
7th & 9th Sep I dive The President Coolidge and 10th I dive the house reef Aore Island
28-8-10 We head to Magic Point with 1 GNS and Kurnell Steps
21-8-10 Boat Steering cable broken, no diving, Sorry Robert.
14-8-10 A great surprise of 82 PJ's at Barren's Hut and a mediocre Shiprock
7-8-10 We dive old faithful Kurnell Deep Channel and Anchor Reef.