The weather in Sydney has been incredibly bad for diving for quite some time, very few days we have been able to go anywhere outside of Botany Bay or Port Hacking. So today we decided to head to Magic Point. With steady rain, and a slight 1.2m easterly swell we slowly made our way up the coast. Once anchored we noticed that the slight breeze pushed the boat side on to the swell making it quite uncomfortable on board. However once we descended we found 15m visibility, with 14 GNS overall, 10 in the main cave and 4 in the second cave, with many Wobbegongs and a couple of Blue Devil fish. We could see the GNS that had been recently been "unwrapped" by the elastic cord

Seems to be recovering well.

Our second dive at Henry Head, we checked out a deep wall we noticed on the depth finder a few weeks ago. This is a nice wall that drops from 17m down to 26m. Pity the visibility was only 5m at best.

Magic Point

Henry Head