Club boat dive today heading to Marley Point, 3 boats, however we were the only boat that dived Marley Point, the others stopped at Barren's Hut.

As we secured the anchor a giant Bull Ray swam by and with 20m visibility it was a going to be a great dive. We headed to the cave first and in we went, we then headed west to the shallows, I caught a glimpse of the Bull Ray and followed it back into the deep, after turning around I lost Rudy, Zorka and Shane so I decided to head north along the sand line. Lots of fish life and a few PJ's around.

Second dive we took Shane for his first dive at Barren's Hut. Visibility was around 15m so we headed for the chimney first, then back into the cave, along the face of the wall and in the tunnel. Again a lot of PJ's around and a Cuttlefish under a ledge near the anchor.

Marley Point

Barren's Hut