A great day on the water so we dive the Tuggerah. Quite murky on the way down but a great 20m vis on the bottom. The anchor landed 3m to the west of the wreck so we lifted it over and secured it on a piece of wreckage protruding from the sand. We headed over to the boiler through the swim through and around the prop. A very nice dive. While we were drifting we heard another boat pull up and drop anchor. After our deco stop, we scended and found a boat about 200m in front of us, we were 800m from the wreck. We asked what they were doing, reply diving the Tug. We informed them they were 750m south of the wreck. No hope for some.

Second dive at Marley point, vis wasn't great but a nice dive. A few cuttle fish around, some very playful six spine leather jacket and a blind shark caught in an old discarded large crab cage. The door of the cage looked like it had been twisted a little and caught on some rocks, after pushing it off the rocks the door swung off and the shark escaped.


Marley Point