Today was my 800th dive and weather was always going to be a concern once we saw 2.5m Swell and 45kph winds. But the diehards we are we went out. Heinz, Rudy and Myself headed to the south head of Botany Bay. After looking at the slop around Kurnell point we decided to drop anchor at the steps, we knew the club shore dive fraternity were going to dive there. We saw them looking form the top of the steps, and they decided not to dive. They didn't miss much. Vis was only about 8m. Spent some time trying out a 10x Macro lens I bought from Deal Extreme. For $18 it was worth a try. Works a treat. Specially when you can't get anything under $150 anywhere else. Most of the photos today were all using this Macro lens, and it can be removed and added underwater. I even tried a few at the end with the Wide Angle lens screwed into the macro.

For the second dive I did a solo at the monument wall, again macro only with vis around 1m.


Monument Wall