A perfect day on the water today, 10kph Wind, no swell and no current. We decided to do a deep dive on the Kelloe Wreck.

We anchored 20m to the west of the boiler, Vis was around 20m on the bottom and a nice 20. We finned over the the boiler and then to the anchor, then back around the boiler to the winches. A Cuttlefish followed us around a little.

Second dive at Magic Point, we found 4 dive boats there, Pro Dive, Plunge and a couple of boats I didn't recognise. We waited until all divers were out of the water and we headed in. It was obvious with all the turbidity that the previous divers did stir up the bottom a bit. But still we found 12 Grey Nurse Sharks. An the Eastern end of the cave was a Blue Devil fish and a Cuttlefish. A large Wobbegong in Wobby Hole, (This is the name we gave a small tunnel halfway between the main cave and the second cave, almost always a Wobbegong in here) There was also a large Wobbegong in the second cave. Again more Cuttlefish.

Kelloe Wreck

Magic Point