Another club boat dive and yet again the weather prediction was not good. 3 Boats began in the planning stage, and one boat dived. Yes, you guessed it, Yes Dear Too. With Leo, Corey and Rudy we braved the elements and headed to Magic Point. The Seas were a little sloppy, but not very big, the wind was gusting to about 15kph, which made quite a comfortable trip out to Magic Point.

We arrived and anchored in my usual spot, dropped the deco line and we could see almost the 10m to the hanging weight. Once in the water it was obvious the visibility was around 10m. we headed over to the cave and found 6 GNS swimming around. It was quite nice to be here early before ProDive drop 20 divers on the cave.

A nice Blue Devil was hanging around the eastern end of the cave. And a large school of Catfish were hovering in front of the cave. We ventured further east and then south to the second cave, a few Wobbegongs along the way, with a large one sitting in the hole. (For those who haven't seen the hole, its a large hole through the rocks about 20m to the east of the cave, almost always a Wobbegong resides in it)

The second cave only had 1 GNS and it disappeared as soon as we arrived, but there was 2 Cuttlefish in the cave. We headed back to the main cave and up the anchor line.

After an hour Surface interval in Long Bay we headed south along the coastline looking for a spot to dive, the seas were getting a little more sloppy, and the wind was now gusting to 20kph, M & K reef and Pistol Crack were quite sloppy so we headed to the Whale Watch Platform as it was a little more protected.

We did the normal dive south to the caves, east and around through the grotto and north and west to the overhangs. Quite a lot of Bullseyes around but with only 3m visibility it wasn't nice. After about 35 mins we headed back to the anchor. The usual Nudibranchs, Sea Stars and an Octopus were seen.

Magic Point

Whale Watch Platform