A fantastic day on the water today took Heinz, Peter, Rudy and myself out of Botany Bay. There was a club dive on today to Pistol Crack and Magic point, I already had a full boat and we decided to dive Bypass Reef, however after dropping the anchor we noticed a very strong current so we decided to pull anchor and head over to Pistol Crack with the club boats. We arrived at Pistol Crack and no boats were there. we looked around using the depth sounder and found an interesting bottom so we dropped anchor.

After reaching the bottom we noticed quite a few overhangs and rock formations. Our first past all the overhangs didn't reveal anything outstanding, however nearing the end of the dive Peter pointed a Juvenile Blue Devil Fish, I tried to get a photo but couldn't the crevice was just to narrow. I saw Rudy swimming past so I grabbed his attention and pointed out the Devil Fish, it grew quite quickly, or rather a second larger Blue Devil came out. I managed to get a photo of that one. It was a great dive at a not often dived site. I have adjusted my GPS marks for this site  33 59.641'S 151 15.245'E Visibility around 20m but with a fair bit of turbidity in the water.

Our surface interval was in Long Bay and after a cuppa and a piece of cake, and a Lamington and another piece of cake..... Better stop there other wise we will never get a second dive in, we headed to Tupia Point. The anchor landed on top of the wall and 14m with the sand at 20m below. One thing we noticed was all the fish, there were masses of them and they were not shy of us divers. The water temperature here was a very fresh 16. Apart from the walls of One Spot Pullers, we did come across a PJ, a pair of Moray Eels, a large Bull Ray and some varying size Cuttlefish.

Pistol Crack

Tupia Point