Two new dive sites today. The wreck of the TSS Hall Caine. and an unknown reef in the middle of the entrance to Broken Bay we have called Midway Reef.

Hall Caine

We anchored first go on the wreck, however the anchor was sitting in the sand 10m from the wreck. We lifted it over and secured it and looked around. Its quite a small wreck and the main superstructure has all but rotted away being timber. There is a few lumps laying around in the sand. The main components around is the Boiler, engines and twin props and shafts. The props make a good photo opportunity. We found a small Wobbegong shark sitting one of two rings laying in the sand what looks like the remainder of the funnel. Quite a few Moray eels hidden in the nooks around the boiler and engines.

Midway Reef.

We marked this on the GPS as we were heading to the wreck above, always been looking for a good second dive spot after diving the Birchgrove Park wreck. This is one of those sites. A really nice wall running from out GPS mark to the east about 3 to 4 metres high. Lots of soft coral formations and sponges and a few nudi's thrown in. Not a lot of fish around due to the size of this reef. Around 500m in diameter.

Hall Caine

Midway Reef