A fantastic day on the ocean. Flat seas and sunshine. We planned to do 3 dives today, and did what a lot of people consider a "no no" a reverse profile dive. We did this with a series of 3 dives. 15m, 25m and 44m

Dive 1. On Air, at high tide at Shiprock, the plan 30 mins. We did 34 mins. Great visibility at around 8m. Nothing spectacular here.

Dive 2. Barren's Hut. the plan was a 30min surface interval, and 30 mins bottom time using 36% Nitrox. Surface interval was 52 mins, and bottom time was 35 mins. Visibility was around 5m, lots of PJ's around. We swam from split to the cave and back.

Dive 3. Plan was Tuggerah with a 90 min surface interval. We stopped around 1km from the Tuggerah and drifted for 75mins. We noticed we had drifted about 6km past the Tug. We headed back but after we anchored we noticed a very strong current, we estimated around 3-4kph. We decided to abort the dive and head for the Undola. Usually the current is not as strong here. We anchored and nailed the wreck first attempt. The current was about 1/2 that of the Tuggerah. It did take us 5 mins to descend. Once we reach 35m the current all but disappeared. With 20m visibility, it was great dive for my 700th. We ended up doing a 2:22 Surface Interval.


Barren's Hut