Had a really full boat today, 5 people, 4 divers for dive 1 and 5 for dive 2.
We headed for the Wanderers for a club boat dive, 4 boats all up. I had James, Ahmad, Heinz and Rudy. 9 tanks, 1 stage and 3 ponies, quite a load and the boat struggled and would not get up on a plane at all, despite distributing weight to the front so we just cruised along at 18kph.

Once we anchored we could see a long way down. Rudy and myself geared up first, 30% nitrox, and descended to at least 25m visibility. I secured the anchor and lift bag and we looked around, about 5 mins later James and Ahmad showed up. There was not a lot of fish around but the rock formations were quite interesting. We managed to find a Blue Devil under the ledge near the anchor.

Second dive at Osborne Shoals, all 5 of us went in. There were a number of PJ's near the cave and along the wall as we headed east. After 10-15m we turned back past the cave and west where I found a nice pocket weight belt still with the lead in it. A good find.


Osborne Shoals