A nice day for a dive, I get a early call from Heinz looking for a spot on the boat. Its all go. We meet at Dolan's Bay with the weather forecast for 40 and sunny, and the car park is full and very little street parking available, just as well I know a secret spot to park....

Barren's hut was our first dive, and the vis was around 5-10m changing throughout the dive, a nice dive just the same. A few Cuttlefish and a juvenile one just on the inside left side of the chimney.

Rudy and Jenny had their computers set to 36% Nitrox and the tanks was air, so they didn't dive the second dive, better to be safe than sorry. Heinz and myself took a look at Pizza Reef but it was a little sloppy with the wind increasing, we also had a look at Osborne shoals and dismissed it as well, so we ended up at 6 Fathom Reef. Vis around 5-10m. Nothing spectacular.

Barren's Hut

6 Fathom reef