St George Scuba club has meeting on the third Wednesday of each month which makes it a great opportunity to get an after work dive in. Today was no exception. We met at 5;00pm at Bare Island, overcast, light rain and windy. Within 15 minutes the rain had stopped, wind had dropped and brightened up a little. We decided to go in.

We headed along the west side, came across the skeleton of a Lobster, then the anchor. We looked around for 20 minutes and found a Moray Eel. We then headed around the cave and east along the wall. There was a Blue Devil fish in a overhang, but disappeared as soon as the torch light hit it. Sorry no photo. Then we found a Volute.

We then headed north up over the reef and back along the west wall back to the ramp. A nice 60 min dive, with 5m visibility and a nice 18 water.