What was looking like a day for sleeping in turned out to be one the best days in weeks. The seas flattened out, the wind dropped and the visibility, despite the low tide, was exceptional. Leo and Rudy both pulled out on Friday, which left just Max and myself. We loaded up early and headed to Minmi Trench. After setting the anchor, the drop line we geared up, and saw the other 3 boats heading out to M & K Reef.

While on the bottom in 15 water we heard a couple of other boat pull up. Along the trench in 15m visibility Max found a Seahorse hanging on a Tulip, did I mention the water was cold. Out of the trench and around the wall we found a Cuttlefish, it was so cold we headed back tot he anchor.

On the surface we noticed both Dave and Phil were anchored, we gave them the thumbs up and a heads up on the cold water and headed to Henry Head for a cuppa.

Our second dive took us over to the Whale Watch Platform, our usual anchoring spot was a bit surgy so I decided to head to the rock fall. We anchored and headed down, the visibility was about 10m and the temperature was a touch warmer at 16. Some nice swim throughs and a Cuttlefish. Another excellent dive.



Whale Watch