Club picnic day at Frenchman's Bay, weather was nice and sunny and conditions were almost perfect. First dive with Jenny, Rudy, Heinz and Stephen we headed to Minmi Trench. The visibility on the descent was great until we hit the 15m mark, it deteriorated from there, with only 3m on the bottom. Most boats ended up here and there was a criss cross of reel lines at one stage.

Second dive was Rudy Matt and myself. Whale Watch Platform was at its best with a Blue Devil Fish in the southern cave and another one near the northern cave.

Third dive of the day, just myself and Rudy at the Kurnell Deep Wall. (The Leap). Visibility here was 10m and a really nice dive. Lots of sponges, Weedy Sea Dragon and a juvenile Pigmy Firefish (I think, last photo)

Minmi Trench

Whale Watch Platform

Kurnell Deep Wall