We stopped over the Tuggerah wreck and saw the water that nice tropical blue colour, we knew the vis was going to be great. We dropped the anchor and it landed just south of the boiler. We noticed a bit of current, but with the anchor tight we had to go down anyway. On the bottom we notice quite a few PJ's hanging around, can't remember seeing them here before, and probably the biggest Wobbegong we have ever seen down next to the engine.

Second dive at Barren's hut, we used the left over from the twin tanks. Vis was great here as well. There were plenty of PJ's in the split. Just south of the split on top of the reef we came across a cuttle fish. It was very inquisitive. I held up my strobe and it cam over to it and kept in contact with it. I slowly rotated and it followed as if we were dancing. I hope Rudy got some photos.


Barren's Hut