Quite flat today, so we headed to the wreck of the Annie M Miller. We anchored about 10m SW of the wreck so we dragged the anchor over. One thing we noticed as the wreck was quite small, most likely a lot of sand has been deposited on it as the depth was only 44m on the sand, on a previous dive here in 2009 we reached 45.7 We did see a Wobbegong under some sheeting but could not get a photo. Near the end of the dive we noticed a Giant Cuttlefish hanging around.

Second dive at Magic Point was fantastic. 10 GNS hanging around and very friendly. They came within 30cm of us, luckily I had my wide angle lens with me. They all looked fairly healthy however one had a huge hook in its mouth, quite rusty so it should disappear over the next few months. There was also a Blue Groper trying to see what was in my lens, I guess he saw himself. A squid was acting quite strange more like a cuttle fish.

Annie M Miller

Magic Point