Overcast skies but no wind, and no swell to worry about. We head, for the first time in 6 months, the the wreck of the Tuggerah. We anchored 30m east of the prop, and I headed in the wrong direction first, to what I thought was a dark shadow. After a few minutes we headed in the right direction and came across the prop. Rudy had the reel and tied it on. After a few pictures of the prop I headed over to the boiler and found a Moray eel swimming along, looking back I see Rudy between the prop blades 20m away. Past the boiler I find a Cuttlefish hiding in some wreckage. Time up so we head back to the anchor and a 35min deco.

Second dive at Marley point, Visibility still around 25m we swim past the cave and into the shallows and find lots of fish, around the rocks a 6 Spined Leatherjacket, then a Bull ray, buzzed us a few times. A sleepy Octopus and a Juvenile yellow boxfish and back to the anchor.



Marley Point