We head to Port Kembla to look for seals again, but none around.

We anchored a little further east from where we saw the seals last week and headed east along a very interesting wall. Vis was down a lot due to the rain all week, but it was acceptable. I used my dry suit today, and just as well another 15 dive. This wall got more interesting the further east we swam but the vis got down to 3m so we headed back to the anchor. A few nice Cuttlefish and some Moray eels were about.

2nd dive we try Toothbrush cave, the vis here was quite low. We headed south from our anchor and notice quite a lot of weed, so we turned and headed north. We found the cave with very little life around at all. We tried to find the anchor but couldn't so we headed to the surface to take a bearing. We were only 20m form the anchor.

Third dive of the day, the Bombo. Vis on the way down was bad but opened up at the bottom to about 15m all be it quite dark. Again very cold but I was nice and warm in my dry suit.

Martins Islet

Toothbrush Cave