I wanted to look for my weight pocket on the Bombo, and the shipping movements only allowed for a 11:15am dive, so wee tried out a new site, John Beddie gave me some marks, we checked it out on the sounder and only found flat rock, but 60m north east we found a wall from 20m to 30m, I marked this and that is the mark I have recorded. Its a great site, The marks will put you over a small cave/overhang on the main wall, we found a large Bull Ray here missing its tail. I got in close and took some photos, it decided to swim away in my direction and passed a half meter away, got a great shot of its mouth. Vis wasn't great about 5 to 8m, but opened up to 15 on the North Western side. Overall a little green.

Second dive on the Bombo vis was better at 10 to 12m but still green. Didn't find my weight pocket. There was a very large Wobbegong in the penetration behind the boiler.