The weather has been, well ordinary over the past month with vey little diving going on. However today was looking pretty good, except a little bit of wind around. Heinz, Rudy and myself headed for a deep dive on the Tuggerah wreck, but once we anchored we noticed the current was pretty strong, so we headed to the Undola instead.

The current didn't look that bad on the surface, but 5m down it was racing. I found out first hand. Once I rolled off the boat, I found myself sinking a little, a bit overweighted, so I started swimming to the anchor line. The current dragged me backwards and by the time I surfaced I was 5m past the 20m mermaid line.

Luckily Peter Fields was looking to dive the Undola and came past to give me a lift, otherwise Heinz would have had to float up the anchor line and deco bar and come to the rescue. Rudy had already been to the bottom and just surfaced as Peter came by. He informed peter that the vis was great to about 30m and dropped to 3-5m on the bottom. Peter picked me up dropped me in front of my boat, I drifted back, grabbed the anchor rope and descended to lift the anchor. It took a long time to get to the bottom and managed to get a photo of a Wobbegong before freeing the anchor.

Second dive, both Rudy and Heinz decided to sit it out, so I dived Marley Point Solo, what a dive, 30m visibility and lots of fish.

On the way to Marley Point  we encountered many Whales. Just one photo though.


Marley Point