What started out as a dive to Wottomolla Point ended up ad Barren's Hut. Zorka and Heinz went in first and Peter Flockhart and myself about 5 mins later. Peter was trying out his new Camera setup. We just hung around the Split for 30 odd minutes and shot mostly macro. Zorka found a nice colourful Nudi, and I spotted a small Eastern Red Scorpion Cod with an Octopus hanging out of its gills.

Second dive we headed to Marly Point as the seas had dropped and wind dropped and changed direction. It was a good call. Marley was flat and out of the wind. We all headed down pretty much at the same time, then over to the large cave. Some large schools of Pike were hanging around. I got separated form the group when I went around the cave and back to the anchor. I found a nice Cuttle Fish that came out from under a ledge for some good photos.

Heinz, Zorka and Pete eventually came around and Heinz indicated a shark was over where I had just been. I headed back over there to show Zorka the Cuttle Fish and a giant Wobbegong swan past. I followed it over to to a cave taking a few pics and then headed back to the anchor and ascended.

And to top it all off, we saw a couple of Whales heading north on the way back.

Barren's Hut

Marley Point