Magnificent conditions so we headed north to Brooklyn and a dive on the 2 wrecks Birchgrove Park and Valliant.

The anchor landed 10m north of the wreck and with no wind or current the boat just sat above the wreck, we moved the anchor and hooked it securely beside the wreck and headed to the prop, then down the port side past the boiler and bridge to the masts. Unusual not a lot of fish around today, but spectacular visibility at 20m

We had our surface interval just drifting around the Valliant wreck, a fisherman was also drifting and they caught a juvenile bronze whaler shark. After 90 minutes we anchored beside the wreck and descended to the wreck with 15m visibility. Again not a lot of fish life around, but a nice dive. Managed to find a cuttle fish inside.

Birchgrove Park