The weather prediction for today was flat seas and a 20kph wind both form the North East. We decided the best way to begin 2013 was to dive a deep wreck, Tuggerah was our choice.

It took us 2 attempts to anchor due to the current and it hooked in 5m to the north of the boiler. On the 5 min descent (high current) there was a thick layer of murky water between 15 & 20m which made it very dark on the bottom although the visibility was around 10m. There was a fair amount of fish around and a few bailer shells and a Moray Eel near the anchor. We swam over to the boiler room and checked out the wrench and then around tot he prop. I took a couple of shots with natural light using the boiler as a tripod. The temperature was 16 on the bottom and 20 on the deco.

Second dive was Osborne shoals. Not a lot of fish around and the murky water was around 10m again dark and the visibility still around 10m. We found a lump of steel with a rope tied to it, looked like someone was using for a shot line.