What was predicted as sloppy seas and high winds turned out to be pretty ok conditions.

Rudy, Heinz and myself headed to Bypass Reef. We anchored just before high tide and descended to 15-20m visibility. It was great. Heinz forgot his weight belt and had to exit. He joined us about 5 mins later. 3 Sea Horses, a Blue Devil and lots of Morwong made a great dive.

After a short 1 hour surface interval and over to the Whale Watch Platform, vis was down to 10-15m but still great. Over to the caves with a large Cuttlefish, and Bullseye galore. After heading around the the cutting and over to the wall we noticed a medium sized Jelly. The in the overhangs another Blue Devil. A great pair of dives.

Bypass Reef

Whale Watch Platform