Finally we get some decent weather for a deep dive. It was also a club deep dive although there were no takers and myself and Rudy dived the Tuggerah. The water was cold and dirty and it was like night time on the bottom. The visibility on the way down was crap, I mean 1-2m crap, but did open up to about 5-8m once on the bottom. A fair amount of fish about as well as a nice Cuttlefish. One thing I did notice is that there is a lot of the ships ribbing now exposed. Must have been some big seas and a lot of sand movement.
Peter Fields turned up just as we were about to jump in. Always good to know there are other boats around when on deep dives.

Our second dive was a little north of Marley Point, about 300m or so and Rudy's 900th dive. Some nice rock formations around a few PJ's but again the vis was ordinary at 5m max.


Marley Point