Rudy and myself decided to dive somewhere we hadn't before, so we decided on Xanadu reef. Contrary to the weather reports, the seas were flat and there was next to no wind. We anchored over the GPS marks, (I have only been here once before with Heinz, but the vis was zero). The vis on the bottom was around 15m, not a lot of fish around but some nice rock formations. Nothing spectacular found.

The second dive we thought of diving the Hilda wreck. Last time here was 2007. We anchored on the GPS marks and only found a single metal bar/pole, no wreckage. We looked around about 40m in all directions and found nothing. Once I got home I checked the GPS marks against Michael's and the Shipwreck Database and found my GPS marks were 20m north of Michael's and 145m north of the Shipwreck Database. Will need to check them out one day.


Hilda (Not)