With the club boat dive out of Rose Bay cancelled, I decided late Friday night to head out anyway so I dropped Heinz a quick email. We met at 7:00am at Port Botany. Knowing the wind and swell was up our choice of site was going to be limited to inside the Bay and with low tide around 9:30am we were not expecting much.

After taking a look outside the heads we immediately settled for Kurnell, the Leap first.

We dropped anchor and descended, the wind was quite strong and moved the boat about 15m from the reef. We dragged the anchor over and secured it and then headed East along the reef. Vis was around 12m, saw all the usual nudi's and fish around and a very friendly Blue Groper.

We had our surface interval and cuppa just of the monument and then headed to the steps. While the anchor didn't drift this time, it was around 25m from the reef. we again dragged it over to the reef and secured it. Vis was only 5m now so Heinz hooked up the reel, we only looked around for 30 minutes, managed to find a nice Octopus.