The Ocean rarely gets this calm, no swell, no wind and no current. we dive the Birchgrove Park wreck off Palm Beach. We anchored and the boat was sitting 10m from our mark when we noticed a large rope in the water. A mooring. we hooked up and prepared the boat. Another dive boat turned up, Central Coast Diving Club. (not sure of the name). They tied up behind the boat and we headed to the bottom. At 35m I could still make out the boat on the surface. On the bottom the visibility dropped a little to about 20m. Great Vis, Great Dive, a few cuttles and some Wobbegongs around the wreck.

Second dive at the pinnacles. A nice spot although it was a little surgy and the sand was creating a lot of backscatter. Another Wobbegong more cuttles and a Blue Devil Fish.

Birchgrove Park.