Shelly, Greg and myself headed out of Port Botany to dive Bypass Reef and what a dive it was with 15m visibility and lots of PJ's and we also managed to find a Sea horse.

While descending we noticed a lot of small jellies in the water from about 5m to 20m but under 20 it cleared up The anchor hooked in 10m to the NE of the small caves. The water was cold down here at 14. We swam towards the caves and the first thing we saw were about 20 PJ's lazing around in front of the cave. Greg had found a Sea Horse and while Shelly was looking she notice a larger on just below, she grabbed my attention and I swam the few metres from the cave over to the rock about 5m SE. There it was, with a big Belly and rather red. I snapped off a couple of shots.

Bottom time running out we ascended and headed behind Henry Head for a cuppa. It was hot day around 38

Second dive at M&K reef, vis down a little to 10m and we missed the main part but managed to find it on the return to the anchor. A nice Cuttlefish in the cave.

 Bypass Reef

M & K Reef