Great weather took us south to Garie Beach and the Undola wreck was our choice, we hadn't dived her since November 2011, and 2012 hasn't been great for deep dives.

We hooked up first go, set the deco and descended into about 8m visibility. I often get asked how I work out 8m, well the length of the chain on my anchor is 8m long and the first thing I am looking for on the bottom is the anchor.

We spent 27 mins on the bottom using 27% nitrox, found a nice Wobbegong shark, took the mandatory photo of the Head, found a Moray eel in the Boiler tubes and a Hermit crab. A great dive.

Second dive after a tea break at Wottomolla beach, was Wottomolla point. After dropping the anchor we notice quite a strong current, the wind was from the south and the current form the north, and the boat wasn't moving much. Very deceptive. We set out a couple of pull lines and dropped over the side, it took some pulling to get to the anchor. We descended down and the current subsided a little.

We found a PJ right beside the anchor, and further north a nice grotto with lots of Bastard Trumpeters. Vis around 10m

Undola Wreck

Wottomolla Point