Zorka, Stuart, Rudy and Myself started out from Forshore Road boat ramp at 7:50 heading for Magic Point arriving at 8:30. Geared up and dropped in descending to a cave occupied by a large Bull Ray and no sharks. After 10 minutes we headed to the second cave, no sharks. Returning back to the main cave and heading deep to the sand line the water temperature dropped from 18 to 15, then back to the anchor where we found a nice Wobbegong.

After deciding to have the surface interval in Long Bay, I took a small detour and spent 20mins on the Malabr wreck. I showed Zorka and Stuart the large engine and the flywheel. Lots of pieces of wreckage around.

After a cuppa and some Fruit Cake, thanks Rudy, we headed for Henry Head. Sea John informed us there was a very strong current on M&K Reef. Henry Head is an underestimated dive site, lots of boulders and a few swim throughs, although is was a very cool 14 degrees. We surfaced about 80m east of the boat in a strong current, Sea John was coming past and aided with a tow back to the boat.

First time on Yes Dear Too for Zorka and Stuart, Hope you had a good time.

Magic Point

Malabar Wreck

Henry Head