Finally a nice day on the water, we headed to the Tuggerah wreck. While anchoring we noticed a seal swimming around and it visited us on the wreck as well. This was only our fifth deep dive of the year and with the cold weather we decided to use dry suits today. Nice and warm...but then again so was the day. I wasn't that comfortable on the dive but a nice dive anyway. Found a nice Wobbegong but couldn't get a photo. There seems to be more of the wreck showing.

Second dive we dropped in at Barren's Hut. Visibility was down a little from the Tuggerah, but its always a nice dive here. We just spent 30 mins looking around the split.

Third dive, as the tides were right, was Shiprock. We anchored carefully as there were lots of diver in. The was a group from Abyss, well Abyss tanks anyway. They were somewhat beginners as they stirred up the bottom quite a bit. Found an Octopus out of its hole and a nice juvenile Wobbegong hidden in a small overhang.


Barren's Hut