Still the Sydney weather has not been great for diving. Heinz, Rudy and myself headed out from Port Botany and with a brisk 15kph wind from the south we headed over to Kurnell, the idea was to get on the Whale Watch Rockall. To rough. So we decided to drop anchor a little west of our normal (Kurnell Deep Wall) the Leap. The tide was running out so the plan was to swim into the current and drift back. Heinz hadn't dived since September due to a Sinus infection so he took it slowly.

We descended onto sand, the reef about 20m away. Visibility was a good 10-12m. After dragging the anchor to the rocks we headed west along the sand line. All the usual fish and nudibranchs around. Just as we decided to turn at 35 minutes I spotted a giant Magnificent Cerotasoma, 85mm in length. We drifted back to the anchor in 5 mins.

The Wind had picked up a bit and the seas were very sloppy, so we decided to head back to the ramp for a cuppa and call it a day.