3 dives today. We tried to locate Michael McFadyen's MK Reef but stumbled across another reef. We called it MK Deep. Quite a variety of fish life, One spot Pullers, Blue Devil, Common Stingaree  PJ's and a new Nudibranch for me that is. Rudy even seen a Wobbegong and some cuttle fish. (I missed them)

2nd Dive, as the swell was from the North East we dived the Malabar Wreck. We have the GPS marks for the engine and flywheel so we anchored between the 2. Had to get the mandatory mug shot of Rudy standing beside the flywheel shaft.

3rd Dive at Cape Banks Caverns. Visibility was great. Found some more PJ's here and a nice cuttle. Swim throughs are great.

MK Reef

Malabar Wreck

Cape Banks Caverns.