Magic Point
WGS84 GPS. 33 57.390' S 151 15.915' E
Will put you over the northern side of the weed bed just in front of the cave.

Barren's Hut
WGS84 GPS. 34 05.388' S 151 10.452' E
Will put you on the edge of the reef just north of the Chimney Cave, Southern end of the split.

Fairy Firefly
WGS84 GPS. 35 00.905' S 150 44.313' E
Will put you directly overhead of the wreck.

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A list of WGS84 GPS marks we use on the boat (The column T means we have tested it) Updated September 2016

Download a KMZ file that you can open with Google Earth Dive_Sites_Sep_2016.kmz
or Excel Spreadsheet. GPS.xlsm