Heinz, Rudy and myself headed north to Brooklyn to explore a reef we found a few years ago, we called it Midway Reef as it was midway between the Hall Caine & Valliant Wrecks.

We anchored about 70m from our original marks as the bottom looked interesting. Heinz thought the vis was "Ordinary" and decided to sit this one out.

Well the vis was 20m on the bottom and very interesting. The reef looks like its around 200m across and in the centre of it there is a big spherical bolder about 5m in diameter. Very interesting growth on it. Not a lot of fish around but plenty of sponge gardens and nudis. I found a new one for my collection a Ornate Cadlinella.

As we climbed aboard Rudy noticed his mask was missing, he thought it flew off when he removed his hood, so we marked where we were, about 30m SW of where we originally dived. We would look for it on the second dive. Well we anchored on the new mark and Heinz found the mask about 7m from the anchor. Heinz came with us this time and the vis was down to about 12m. A great spot and worth doing many times. A good second dive when diving the Birchgrove park.