Took a bit of planning but we managed to get to the Ex HMAS Adelaide. We were booked on the 8:00am timeslot on public mooring 1, so we all met in the car park around 7:00am. We were all loaded and headed to the site at 7:45. We arrived at 8:01am and found that the mooring was missing. I spoke to the Terrigal Dive Shop boat and he said to use Commercial No.3. So we did.

There was 5 of us, Jenny, Rudy, Stuart, Daryl and myself. We dived in 2 groups, Jenny, Rudy and Myself, then Stuart and Daryl. We descended down the mooring which was attached to the wreck in the centre of the stern. We entered into one of the holds and made our way forward along the starboard side then exited and ascended to the bridge then back down to the bow. The number 01 is not visible with all the growth. We headed back along the port side in and out of a few penetrations back to the mooring where an Octopus entertained me for a couple of monites.

At this time Jenny was low on air and shared my occy on the way to the surface just in case. As soon as we hit the surface Stuart and Daryl hit the water. Visibility on the wreck was great at about 10-12m. A lot better than the 1m we had in May last year.

Second dive at Fifshire Reef, there is suppose to be a wreck here as well, but we were 60m from the mark and could not see any evidence of a wreck. A nice reef worth taking another look someday, at 15m its a good second dive.

Ex HMAS Adelaide

Fifshire Reef