Weather prediction was for flat seas and strong winds, so Leo, Jo, Graeme and myself headed to Port Kembla. We found flat seas and very slight wind. The plan was to dive the Bombo and then after an hour or so dive the Pinnacle.

With 15m visibility on Bombo and meeting a very large Wobbegong shark lazing on the boiler we thought dive 2 would be great. However the wind had picked up and the swell got up to 2m, we did motor over the Pinnacle and decided it was to rough and we checked out the Bombo again, it was still quite flat there. So we anchored, took 2 goes, and descended. Leo wasn't feeling that great and decided to sit it out.

I met Jo and Graeme on the bottom. The vis was still around 15m and still cold at 17. The anchor hooked in on the edge of the boiler and must have disturbed the Wobbegong as it was now hiding under some of the hull plating.

On surfacing we found extremely strong winds and quite rough swells, so we all climbed on and slowly made our way back to the boat ramp.

A great 2 dives.