Today we headed to Port Kembla, a quick call to the Port Kembla Port Corporation confirmed no shipping until 12:30. This gave us plenty of time for a dive on the Bombo, a frolic with the seals and a finishing dive at Pig Island.

The Bombo has had a lot of sand removed over the past few weeks when the seas we large. The Bow has has a piece torn away revelling what looks like a swim through from port to starboard. (In fact its starboard to port as the ship is upside down) There is a lot more to see, we even found an instrument panel near the engine.

A quick trip over to Martins Islet, a quick swap from Nitrox to air and the seals didn't let us down. We had about 15 of them swimming around us, at one stage one them them came right up and nudged my arm. This is a great experience. I even got some video

3rd dive was just ordinary, the vis was down a bit. But a nice dive. The swim up the anchor line was long though, (Note, pay attention to the knot, there is 100m of rope) The anchor knot wasn't tight enough and it slipped through, luckily it has an eye splice on the end around a bollard. But it did run out 100m. Slow trip back to the boat.


Martins Islet

Pig Island