Sorry no photos, I either didn't swap my camera battery from last week, or its just a dead battery. Fantastic conditions and I take Ken, Josiah & Aura out to Bypass Reef and then visit the sharks.

Bypass Reef was great, 20m visibility and the anchor dropped 2m from the Sea Horses. There was so much to see around the anchor we didn't go to far at all. There were 20 or so PJ's around the rocks, a giant Cuttlefish in the cave, and 2 Blue Devil fish out in the open, one quite a small juvenile.

Magic point was crowded with Pro Dive and another boat, who just think they own the place, complaining that we anchored to close to the Sharks "They are endangered species" is what they said, just after dropping 20 or so divers on them. we headed to the second cave first where we found 2 GNS, on the way a Wobbegong nestled into the Wobbe Hole. Another Wobbegong outside the second cave and a Blue Devil Fish in the open. Back to the main cave and all the divers had gone, but they left their tell tale silt up. We managed to see 4 GNS there.