Club Boat dive today, we had Bram and Mike Scotland on board. Plan was Bypass reef for dive 1, and we arrived first. Le scat, Sea John & Triple D showed up a few minutes later. The water looked a little green so they all decided to dive elsewhere. As we had already anchored we decided to go down and take a look.

The top 5 meters was pretty dirty but it opened up to about 10-12m on the bottom. This was a new site for all of us and it didn't disappoint. Mourning Cuttle, giant cuttle and Blue Devil's were the highlight.

Second dive was at the whale watch platform after a windy surface interval. When we anchored you could tell the water was getting cleaner and we could see the weight at the bottom of the 10m drop line. Weedy Sea dragon, a very playful giant cuttle and at the end we were buzzed by a juvenile turtle. (the photo of the turtle is very ordinary)

Bypass Reef

Whale Watch Platform