With Easter and Anzac day close together I decided to take a few days off and head north to my parents place at the Gold Coast, and being so close to Mooloolaba I thought I would get a few dives on the HMAS Brisbane. After Cyclone Ita, I wasn't expecting much. The seas flattened out but the visibility suffered with only about 8m. After today, I have dived this wreck 8 times. Twice 12 months after its sinking on 28th Aug 2006, again 5 months later 9th Jan 2007 and again 31st Jan 2008. A lot of growth happened in the early years but it has seemed to have slowed down a lot. from what I can remember it didn't look much different.

First dive, we assembled on the deck with plenty of Batfish playing around and a school of Kingfish swam by. We swam around the wreck for about 20 minutes, where all but 3 of us were running low on air. The DM told us to buddy up and continue on our own, we spent another 30 minutes exploring. We headed to the guided missile silo where I got a good silhouette photo of my buddies. We also found the Head (toilet). When we surfaced, the first group of divers were getting ready for their second dive. We had a 56 minute surface interval and then headed of by ourselves again.

During the surface interval I looked at the map of the wreck and found the entry to the engine room. So we decided to go straight down into it. I did find a big groper but couldn't get a photo. We did manage to find a nice Lionfish and some lobsters.