Weather prediction for rain all weekend, and Rudy's car a little banged up, I picked him up from home and we headed to Port Kembla.

We headed over to Pig Island and saw it was quite sloppy on the surface so we anchored a little further south than normal in 22m depth. we could see the anchor rope a long way down and the water colour was that real deep blue almost purple colour.

We descended to the bottom and saw the visibility around 25m. it was fantastic. Found some mourning cuttlefish right next to the anchor. There is a great shot of Rudy with them. We swam around a while, quite a while taking in the good vis, found some Moray eels and lots of life...It just doesn't get any better than this so we thought....

After a cuppa at the boat ramp we headed over to the Bombo wreck, it took two goes in getting the anchor to catch. Well as we descended we could make out the wreck from 15m, again it was superb. Remember me saying it doesn't get any better, well it just did. Rudy even got some video footage. posted on Youtube

Pig Island

Bombo Wreck