A great day on the water we headed to the Kelloe wreck. Its been a while since we dived this wreck, the last time we ended up 1.5km away and needed a lift back to the boat.

This time our anchor landed 10m north of the boiler and hooked in well. While we were gearing up 3 more boats from St George Scuba club, where I am finally a member, well I paid the money today anyway. Vis was around 15m a really nice dive, possibly the best we have had here.

Second dive, Magic point. After the Kelloe we headed to Magic point to find Pro dive just packing up, another 20 or so divers, we weren't hopeful to find any sharks, normally they disappear with that many divers. After a cuppa and some, well I will say interesting tasting cake, we descended to find 10 GNS, and they were coming in real close, at one stage 1/2m away. We headed to the second cave and found another 3. Found a tassel snouted flathead here. The vis was quite good around 10m but there was a lot of turbidity, which made photography challenging.


Magic Point