We wanted to get to Shiprock at 11:30 so we had a early start so we decided Barren's Hut, Osborne Shoals and Shiprock with left over air.
Barren's was great with visibility around 12m. We anchor in the Split as always and headed south along the reef, a lot of PJ's hanging around Bastard Trumpeters and Blue Gropers, a great dive. At the end Rudy found a small crab on his glove so I snapped off a shot.

Second Dive at Osborne Shoals. Visibility was still around 12m. We anchored near the cave and found a Moray Eel in the open, it was quite friendly and came right up to us. It had some kind of growth around its mouth. More PJ's around here and a school of Catfish.

Third dive at Shiprock, visibility around 10m, another PJ and a couple of Pineapple Fish. Only 2 other divers here.

Barren's Hut

Osborne Shoals