Was a planned club boat dive to Wedding Cake Island today, but all the boat owners pulled out due to the wind and seas. Turned out to be about 1.5m swells and about 10knot winds. Jasmine, Bill, Heinz and myself went out to M & K Reef for our first dive. The anchor landed about 10m north of the main reef. Jasmine and Bill descended first and we missed them on the bottom. Heinz and I headed south and found a pair of Blue Devils in a small overhang above one of the caves.

During our surface interval at the steps, we saw the St George Shore Dive crowd checking out the conditions then we headed to the Whale Watch platform. After securing the anchor under a ledge, we headed to the caves. While I was approaching I saw a large Grey Nurse Shark. Took a couple of pics while it was leaving. I signalled to Heinz and showed him the pic, then Bill and Jasmine. I have only heard people have seen GNS here. Heinz then pointed out the Turtle then the Grey Nurse came back. Jasmine and Bill still missed it. There were lots of large Cuttlefish in the cave and very friendly. We headed back to the sand patch and over to the northern reef plenty of fish around.

M & K Reef

Whale Watch Platform