The weather was absolutely atrocious today, but Ken Ridley and myself thought it was worth a go. We headed out from Foreshore road boat ramp with an aim to dive Minmi Trench. When we got there the swell was a little big, so we moved over to Henry Head, it was calm compare to Minmi.

We dropped the anchor and could see the line going a long way down, it was just before high tide. Descending down we could see the bottom at 23m. It was great. From the anchor, we headed north east along the sand line and saw quite a lot of fish, nice sponges and 3 Weedy Sea Dragons, they are becoming quite rare these days.

We had a surface interval behind Henry Head out of the wind and rain. As the visibility was excellent we decided to go back, so we anchored another 70m South West in 15m. We headed north east again and stayed at the 15-17m depth. A few swim through, PJ shark and just below the anchor there was an overhang with a Blue Devil Fish. When we surfaced the rain had stopped, the sun began to shine and the wind dropped.

It was fantastic diving in the morning and turned out to be a great afternoon.