Rare Sunday outing. Dive 1, at Pistol Crack trying to located the spot we dived a few weeks ago. Found it at GPS 33 59.647'S, 151 15.234'E. Found a nice Fiddler Ray, not much else. Vis 25m

Second dive we found a new site 200m SSW of the Whale watch Platform site. At GPS 34 1.138'S, 151 13.963'E Going to name this Whale Watch Rock Fall as it is opposite a rock fall. The reef here starts at 12m and steps down to 15, 18 and 22m. Running N to S the wall is full of nooks and cranny's and in one overhang I found a Blue Devil and a Cuttlefish. Vis 20m and lots or surge..

Pistol Crack

Whale Watch Rock Fall