Club Boat dive to Pizza Reef called off due to the wind, however we still ventured out. Bob Trudgeon, Rudy and myself. The seas were sloppy, but the water was that nice deep blue colour. We anchored and descended into 20m visibility. It was great. A Blue Devil fish was out in the open, but my camera on/off button was stuck in and the camera wouldn't turn on, managed to free it a little later but the Devil fish was gone. Towards the end of the dive I did see a 1.5m shark, looked a bit like a whaler. After dropping Bob off at Dolans Bay, we decided for the second dive, Barren's Hut, but the current dragged the anchor south west to a split about 20m SW of the actual split. We dived here and found a Weedy Sea Dragon carrying lots of eggs. Third dive, as the tide was right, Shiprock. A really nice dive with visibility around 10m, some ugly Frog Fish, lots of nudi's and Moray Eels.

Pizza Reef

Barren's Hut